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The Sioux-per Food Challenge

What makes Sioux Lookout unique? We are calling out to Sioux Lookout area businesses to feature new products, menu items or services that celebrate Sioux Lookout and highlight our unique history, culture or geographic identity.

The winner will receive $1,000, a video and professional image to market your product, and other support to bring your idea to life. Not the winner? No problem! Let us know you’d like us to support you to develop your idea anyways.

Winners will be selected in December by our panel.

The entry deadline is Wednesday, December 6th at 4:00 p.m. CST.

Does your business operate within the Municipality of Sioux Lookout?
Will your product be ready to market within 3 months?
Would you like to receive information to help you develop your product, even if you are not the contest winner?